Pivot Art + Culture

A non-profit art space dedicated to the mediation of human creativity and visual culture as expressed through the commissioning, presentation and promotion of contemporary and modern art. Located in the South Lake Union area of Seattle, the 3,000-square-foot exhibition space features work from private and public collections. Based within a restored historic facade at the new Allen Institute for Brain Science, the art space promotes active participation in the creative processes of culture and artistic experience, not merely a place for passive consumption. The name, conceived by RMB Vivid, reflects the fluid and ever-changing programming of the space. The ‘Art + Culture’ broadens the dialog to encompass more than a conventional gallery approach. The identity and environmental graphics express movement and balance inherent in the name. Through dimension and position the exterior signage provide a modern aspect in contrast to the historic facade, signaling a new and intriguing adaptive reuse of the space. With dynamic content and a responsive design, the website features exhibitions, related content and events for easy access, an impromptu visit or background on an upcoming exhibition.

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