Jones Soda Lemoncocco

Lemoncocco is inspired by the distinctive lemon and coconut stands found along the cobblestoned streets of Rome. For years Italians have frequented these kiosks to quench their thirst and refresh their senses with a drink that reminds them of summer and Italian beaches. Jones Soda’s CEO and her husband have strong ties to Italy and decided to adapt this refreshing drink for the US market and launch an exciting new upscale product extension to the Jones Soda family. To capture the lemon and coconut essence of the brand, the RMB Vivid team drew on modern Italian design to develop a simple and eye-catching brand palette that could extend easily to a wide range of applications. Once the packaging was complete, the website was designed to feature bold and lively imagery that evokes the refreshing ingredients of the drink and a carefree Italian lifestyle.

Category :Interactive