Design Marks Moore Theatre

As part of the inaugural Seattle Design Festival, AIGA Seattle invited 25 of our city’s design firms to participate in Design Marks—a trail of 8-foot tall location markers where viewers can experience how the design of Seattle’s urban landmarks has influenced the city’s culture, and how that culture has, in turn, influenced design. Over time, city buildings, parks, or intersections can take on significance that is far greater than their simple functions. The Moore Theatre Design Mark is a continuous timeline of events and performances dating all the way back to the opening of the theatre in 1907. Now more than 100 years old, the Moore Theatre’s stage has seen everything from vaudeville to symphony to religious revivals to hard rock and, as the Moore Egyptian, was the original home of the Seattle International Film Festival. It today retains much of its historic ambience and hosts musical artists and touring stage productions from around the world.

Client:Design Marks Moore Theatre
Category :Environment