Quioxte Foundation

Several years ago Quixote Foundation began to see pinnacle opportunities in environment, media, democracy, and reproductive rights. When they asked how best to respond, the answer led away from thinking of the foundation as a “forever” kind of thing. The Foundation decided spending everything now would produce the strongest long-term legacy. By accelerating their grants through 2016 they’ll wrap up the paperwor
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This residential community which rises above a modern high-end shopping complex was inspired by timeless and traditional design motifs. The residences complement the high level of fit and finish of the luxury shops that inhabit the The Bravern. Design and community come together in a dynamic environment that offers an upscale lifestyle with a strong spirit of place. Located near the city center, this urban village is
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Media Democracy Fund

The Media Democracy Fund fosters freedom of expression, access to information, and ideas. While some people in the field understood this mission right away, the organization struggled with the average person comprehending what they do as a fund. RMB Vivid was tasked to quickly and simply convey the meaning of their mission through both a brochure and website. Simple statements in large, clean typography allowed for e
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Flagberry Hill

Perched 800 feet above the thriving town of Charlotte Amalie and its boutiques, galleries and world-famous marinas, these 23 acres have been stewarded by the Elskoe family for generations. Today that stewardship evolves as the warm trade winds that glide gently over its vistas are harnessed to power each of these 76 magnificent homes. This vision of sustainable luxury, crafted by a team of award-winning designers and
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Recognizing that people want more choices, Microsoft has increased their capability to deliver more variety than ever before. Working closely with Microsoft’s Hardware Industrial design division, our projects have ranged from personalized mouse graphics to interactive group presentation materials. Additionally, RMB Vivid, working with the eHome division, helped launched Windows Media Center PC, directing photos
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Papali Wailea

This unique development of 24 single-family homes in Wailea, on the island of Maui, needed a marketing and design program to set it apart from the more typical condominium residences in the area. The project began with the development of the name, Papali (“gentle slope” in Hawaiian), which reflected the site’s landscape and sweeping views of West Maui. A complete kit of materials for brokers and prospective buy
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Martin’s Point

Martin’s Point is a progressive, not-for-profit health care organization that strives to provide the best possible health care experience. They recently acquired several other organizations to expand their offerings and were in need of aligning all the brands to their singular mission. RMB Vivid guided the overall brand architecture transition and designed a wide range of materials from the new logomark to establishi
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The 130-unit residential component of this mixed-use building in South Lake Union required a comprehensive program highlighting its evolving location, thoughtful Northwest styling and LEED-targeted design. The name Enso came from a calligraphic symbol meaning enlightenment and strength, represented by the open O letterform in the logotype. We used recycled paper, warm neutral colors with rich highlights, natural text
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